Quality & Innovation ~ Belfast, Maine

Hello, my name is Wes Reddick, I’m an artist, a woodworker, a rower, and oar maker. My workshop is in our 170 year old two story barn in friendly Belfast, Maine. I welcome you to this website and hope that this visit is worth your while.

Rower’s Oars came about by the inevitable and organic convergence of two of my life’s passions: woodworking and rowing. Our oars are (lovingly) made with the rower’s needs as the driving design criteria. Whether you are about to row for the first time, or have been rowing all your life, we trust you will find Rower’s oars to be delightful to row with, efficient, beautiful and exceptionally well made.

Rower’s Oars are handmade from local spruce here in our workshop in midcoast Maine.